About us : An Overview

Education as planned during British period had been primarily a government activity, supplemented by aided schools financed by generous donors, and Public Schools run by the elites exclusively for their children. A few decades after independence, academic revolution took place in the form of self financed schools for masses.
At this juncture Sri Jai Pal Singh, a philanthropist, patriot and educationist, conceived of schools founded on the ideals of patriotism and humanism, imparting comprehensive education to masses at very moderate fees which the middle class and lower middle class parents could easily afford. His dream born in 1970 with one school has grown up as a vast edifice of 10 schools functioning in their own permanent buildings. Six of them are affiliated to CBSE Delhi, one to CISCE, New Delhi and other three are recognized by Department of Education, U.P. Government.
The special characteristic of these schools is high continuity and permanence of staff. Barring a few who left for their personal reasons such as marriage, all who joined once, became integrated with the institution and have continued for 20 to 35 years in most cases. The same is true about students. Those, who joined this institution, continued their uninterrupted education till they passed out class XII. Consequently, the institution has evolved a personality of its own where the newcomers are absorbed as integral component.
The sense of belongingness to the institution, mutual love and confidence make this a different institution, an ideal in its own way. The CBSE Examination Results have been outstanding. Score of 100% in Maths, Chemistry, Accountancy, Hindi, Business Studies, Informatics Practices, Computer Science and 95% and above in other individual subjects and aggregate has become a tradition.
The institution made a major contribution to Residential Schools by sending brilliant though poor students through National Entrance Examination. From 11 students in 1983 when the scheme started, to 125 in 1991 when the scheme was dropped, the institution contributed more than 600 students to Residential Schools. It is through this scheme that Param Vir Chakra Awardee, Kargil Martyr Amar Shaheed Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey the son of middle class family, got admission in Sanik School, Lucknow, rose to be a Captain and laid his life on the altar of motherland in Kargil War.
Emphasis is laid on Co-curricular Activities as well. Youth Parliament Competition is held every year. Annual Academic Inter School Competitions in languages (spoken and written), Maths, Art and science/Social Studies, Computer Science on one hand and in Annual Games and Sports Inter School Competitions on the other, are organized on a large scale. In cultural programmes on National festivals and Annual Day, our students have always been excelling.

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