“The greatest gift is the passion for reading. It gives you knowledge of the world. It is a moral illumination.”

To inculcate in students a taste for reading right from childhood, the school has fully furnished vast library containing academic, informative and inspiring books, a large number of reference books including encyclopedias. A large number of daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines and educational journals are subscribed. The library is fully air-conditioned with  the seating capacity of a large number of readers at a time. The sanctity of the library is maintained by dedicating them to noble personalities and laureates.
The library has a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books. All important documents, test-papers and important records are kept in the library for consultation whenever needed. To avail the facility of library, students are issued Library cards and each class is allotted a period for library. Besides scheduled period, students are given special permission to use library after school hours too and even during summer vacations for preparing for competitions, making projects or enhancing knowledge in general. Thus, it motivates students to sail in the ocean of knowledge without hurdles. All Libraries have smart boards and projectors.