In CBSE Schools
As per CBSE norms
Till class IX, weightage of Half Yearly and Unit Tests will be 20% and of Annual Examinations 80%.
In class X, the restoration of CBSE Board pattern will be implemented.
80 marks Board Examination
20 marks Internal Assessment
Total 100 marks

In class XI, activities have been incorporated in all subjects as per CBSE guidelines, they will supplement the formal written examination for the purpose of promotion.
In CISCE School
As per CISCE norms


  • There is no provision of supplementary examination. Students found absent will not be re-examined.
    The results once finalized will not be revised/reviewed.
  • In addition to the above formal tests, the teacher will be conducting random and surprise tests to ensure regular progress of students. Perseverance, sincerity, punctuality, full attention and active participation of student are essential requirement.