• Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Group of Schools, Lucknow, has Ten Schools in Trans Gomti area of Lucknow.
  • All Schools have their own buildings. The school building is constructed strictly according to fire safety and other disaster resistant norms.
  • All schools have well furnished, air conditioned Principal Office, School Library and Staff rooms. Staff rooms provide the perfect ambience for teachers to evaluate the progress of children and discuss thoughts and opinions.
  • All Schools have airy, spacious, air- conditioned and tiled classrooms furnished with suitable furniture, fans, tube light, large green ceramic Boards, smart boards and Notice Board.
  • Proud possession of our schools are halls dedicated to Martyrs. Sector-14 Indira Nagar has a large air conditioned Auditorium built in the memory of Amar Shaheed Kargil Martyr Param Vir Chakra Awardee, Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey while there are 5 halls dedicated to other martyrs. All halls are fully equipped with screen, light and sound facility.
  • The School reception area is a place where the reception staff welcomes, attends and guides the visitors in the most cordial manner.


  1. Installation of Smart Boards that enhance the teaching- learning process.
  2. The school uses fully automatic school bell system programmed according to the school time table.
  3. CCTV cameras affixed for strict surveillance to ensure tight security at campus as well as to check any in-disciplinary activity at initial stage.
  4. Proper Medical attention to unwell students. Free medical aid in case of minor ailments.
  5. Blossoming flower pots, green surroundings, lush green lawns and trees.
  6. Arrangement of drinking water through submersibles, Aqua-guards and water coolers.
  7. Big generator sets to provide uninterrupted power supply.
  8. Sufficient number of toilets, high level of sanitation maintained all the time.
  9. To convey important and urgent information to the parents/students, the school provides SMS service also.


What sculpture is to marble, Education is to Soul.”

The school provides an invigorating and competitive atmosphere created by excellent facilities and guidance. The Foremost aim of these Schools is to provide and maintain high standard of education as reflected by the excellent Home Exam and Board Exam results. Factors contributing to this high standard are:-

  • Complete support and constant guidance of Management.
  • Incessant academic and administrative supervision by competent Principals.
  • Industrious efforts of highly qualified, dedicated and dynamic teachers.
  • Regular remedial classes for the weak as well as special classes for talented students.
  • Guidance and Counseling for professional courses and competitions.
  • Supervision and guidance by esteemed members of Inspection Department.



To inculcate scientific spirit and aptitude, the school has spacious, furnished, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology Laboratories. For junior classes there are Integrated Science Laboratories.

Physics Lab:

Named after world known scientist Sir C.V Raman, the physics lab is equipped with all latest apparatus required. The lab enables our future Physicists to learn the toughest laws of physics in the easiest way with maximum clarity. The lab is equipped with smart board whereby interactive power with student increases.

Chemistry Lab:

The chemistry lab named after Acharya Sir Prafulla Chandra Ray is the most suitable place for the budding scientists to understand the mysteries and elements of Nature and nourish spirit of experimentation and discovery. The lab is fully equipped with all necessary equipment and chemicals of the best quality. Lab Assistants provide full cooperation to students besides taking care of their safety during experiments.

Biology Lab:

The biology lab named after well-known scientist Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose is a real tribute to this great Indian. The lab is equipped with all necessary apparatus, equipments, Charts, models and huge variety of specimens which help future scientists and medical aspirants in studying life processes and human anatomy in a smooth manner. Hassle free and eye- catching interactive modules through smart Board teaching definitely lay a permanent impact on the child’s mind.


The phobia of mathematics vanishes and learning mathematics becomes a fun filled activity in Math  lab named after great mathematician RAMANUJAM. The lab is fully equipped with charts, models and paper cutouts of different shapes.

Students from classes III to X learn Mathematics with models and practical projects in order to learn the subject in a simpler way. Number of experiments and paper folding activities in the lab help children clarify the different mathematical concepts.


“Our Greatest natural resource is the mind of our child.”


To instill interest and expertise in Information Technology, Computer education is imparted from classes I to XII. Computer Science/ Informatics Practices can be offered in classes XI-XII as one of the electives. All Schools have air-conditioned Computer Labs. These Labs are equipped with the latest model computers and Digital Boards.


“The greatest gift is the passion for reading. It gives you knowledge of the world.

It is a moral illumination.”

To inculcate in students a taste for reading right from childhood, the school has fully furnished vast library containing academic, informative and inspiring books, a large number of reference books including encyclopedias. A large number of daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines and educational journals are subscribed. The library is fully air-conditioned with  the seating capacity of a large number of readers at a time. The sanctity of the library is maintained by dedicating them to noble personalities and laureates.

The library has a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books. All important documents, test-papers and important records are kept in the library for consultation whenever needed. To avail the facility of library, students are issued Library cards and each class is allotted a period for library. Besides scheduled period, students are given special permission to use library after school hours too and even during summer vacations for preparing for competitions, making projects or enhancing knowledge in general. Thus, it motivates students to sail in the ocean of knowledge without hurdles. All Libraries have smart boards and projectors.


“Every child is a winner when they try their best.”

School has well equipped games room named after Hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand Singh. School also has play field, cemented Basket Ball court, Tennis hard court and Table Tennis room. Intensive coaching in athletics and major games viz. Hockey, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Tennis And Kho-Kho is provided by highly qualified PTIs and State level games coaches. To foster the spirit of healthy competition, Annual Inter School Tournaments in Games and Sports are held. School teams actively participate and win a large number of prizes at CBSE Cluster Meets and State Tournaments.


“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

To nurture appreciation for aesthetic values and nourish the musical talent of the students, schools have a separate music room dedicated to Maa Saraswati. The room is equipped with almost all kind of Indian, Classical and western musical instruments. Children are trained in classical and western dances as well as singing for participation in school programmes and competitions at city, state and national levels.


“Children are the fountain head of creativity.”

Schools provide adequate material and facilities to encourage innovation & increase dexterity in the children. In S.U.P.W classes the children are taught to create wonderful objects from waste material. Drawing, Painting, Paper and craft work give them full opportunity to express their aesthetic sense and creative skills and the beautiful exhibits are displayed in the yearly Art & Craft Exhibition organized by the school.


The schools have Digital Interface Board with multimedia system for interactive classes. SMART Boards have revolutionized the way students learn, connect and collaborate. It is innovative and easy to use.